Hello, welcome to the new Aviflora homepage!

This website is meant to show you the products we sell through our stores and to keep you informed on any kind of special offers. Are you interested in buying or ordering one of our products, just send us an e-mail and we�ll make sure your order will be fulfilled. All of the Aviflora-team would be happy to help you.

Are you in between flights and you just want to find out a little about the country you�re in? Or are you staying here for a longer period of time and want to take some souvenirs with you in memory of your stay in Holland? We can help you! We call this our Hello & Goodbye service.

In the year 2005, around July, we happily presented our new logo to the world. Yet somehow the old logo has not been entirely replaced by the new one, so it could be that you run in to both of them.

If you have any kind of comments, remarks or ideas, please let us know through an e-mail.

We hope our website can inform you on all of the information you need!

Kind regards,